Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless Waterfalls are great assets to any garden. A pondless waterfall begins at the waterfall where it cascades down a stream of rocks into a bed of stone with a pump built in that recirculates the water back to the fall. They provide the peaceful and relaxing feeling you expect from any water feature while minimizing standing water. For some families such a feature might be more realistic especially ones with children because of the lack of standing water and potential accidents that might result from a traditional pond. For those who are also concerned about mosquitoes, this type of feature might fit your needs better. We can source local rock and stone to help your pondless waterfall blend seamlessly into your landscape or if you are after a more exotic look, we can source rock not commonly found in the state of Oklahoma. For more information about these types of features, contact one of the representatives at Switzer’s Lawn Care for more information.