Irrigation Systems

The icing on a cake is the finishing touch for bakers. When it comes to curb appeal; gardens and flower beds are the icing on the cake. In baking, if you leave out just one ingredient, it can alter the creation and affect the outcome. Landscaping is the same way. If you go through the trouble of creating a beautiful garden; yet, forget the irrigation side, you could potentially be throwing away hundreds of dollars a year trying to maintain your landscaping. Prior to establishing your garden and flower beds, you need to consider irrigation and what type of environment you are wanting to achieve. From a moist shade garden to a drought tolerant succulent garden, moisture is essential for growth. Every plant is different in terms of its moisture levels; however, most plants need water at some point in their growing season whether that is one season or many generations of enjoyment. The people at Switzer\’s Lawn Care are here to help create efficient irrigation systems that are easy to use and beneficial for your planting situation. We can install a zone by zone irrigation system with rain delays built in to prevent any guess work on whether or not to water. We work closely with our suppliers in order to find the best system for your landscaping. Need a 12 zone system? Need Smart Enable irrigation systems? We can specifically tailor your needs in order to have the most efficient system on the block. For more information contact Switzer\’s Lawn Care.


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