Flower Beds

Picture the blend of purple and yellow, two colors which when paired together can make a flower bed stand out. Purple, the color chosen by royalty, is one of the hardest colors to find appearing in nature. Yellow is one of the best colors to use in order to grab and draw a person’s eye into your design. Flower beds quite simply help to add a pop of color to any landscape setting. Unlike a garden with its many different elements such as garden art, potted plants, sitting areas etc., flower beds are areas specifically created for plants. The space is designed to grow flowers. Flower beds can be simple or more ornate. The people at Switzer’s Lawn Care can sit down and walk you through the best options in plants and plant care. Perennials (plants that come back for multiple growing seasons) and annuals (one season of growth) can be paired together to create a unique and beautiful blend of color that will catch the eyes of any passerby. No matter the size or application (residential vs commercial) we are here to help add color to your existing flower beds or help design and install new flower beds based on specifications. We can also help to select plants which are proven winners and more zone based for the state of Oklahoma.