Beautiful Gardens

Imagine a garden full of plants flourishing off each other, a perfectly designed garden where each plant is working together to accomplish ongoing growth and beautification. Achieving a beautiful garden to admire for many years can seem out of reach. In addition, growing conditions in Oklahoma can make such a project seem intimidating; however, Switzer’s Lawn Care is here to help you achieve the garden of your dreams. Creating a beautiful garden begins at the design process where we evaluate your growing situation
(sun/shade, dry/moist soil, etc.) to determine the most beneficial plants and grasses that could be used for your growing situations. Oklahoma is made up of 4 growing zones. (6a-7b) This can make gardening in Oklahoma a challenge; however, we are dedicated to finding proven winners and natives for your growing conditions. We can also source garden art adapted to your tastes in order to create multiple elements of what a garden should be. Or maybe you are interested in starting your own vegetable garden, but just need some inspiration and guidance. Maybe you want to incorporate a reading area within the garden or possible a relaxation zone under the shades of some Cypress trees. We can create a shade paradise to beat the Oklahoma heat and relax in comfort and beauty. From elaborate rose gardens to simplistic succulent gardens, Switzer\’s Lawn Care is here to help your dreams become realities. Talk to one of our specialists today for more information.